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Why Join UR Forum

UR forum always loves to welcome you to join us. Whether you are a fresher or an existing member, ensure that you are a current member of UR Forum at the time of registration for any of the Global Conferences and you have an opportunity for getting your Membership for FREE till 30th April 2020. Your Membership within UR Forum helps you to take part in the activities of the organization and provides you access to the latest offers and savings on conference materials and fees. UR Forum also offers multiple ranges of opportunities and services for its members which include professional networking at our annual international conferences, online access to proceedings, a bunch of Grants and Discounts on Annual Conference Registration. We give visibility to all types of members on the website and the possibility to promote members’ activities, news and partner search via our networking tools (Newsletter, Social Media, etc.).

UR Forum Membership Values and Benefits

Access articles, presentations, reports and recordings from international Medical, Science, Engineering and Technology experts. Receive updates on activities of interest to you.
Networking with peers
Connect with our Board & Committee. Join special interest groups focusing on the aspects of health care the matter to you.
Make your Voice heard and be recognized as a part of an international community working to enhance quality in the area of Medical, Science, Engineering and Technology.

Members are expected to:

  • Promote and give visibility to the UR Forum via their own networking channels (Website, Social Media, Publications, etc.).
  • Appoint a UR Forum Contact Person responsible for keeping colleagues up to date about URF activities and opportunities.
  • Encourage colleagues to subscribe to the different URF mailing lists (letters, working groups, social media, etc.) and help the URF to keep the mailing lists up to date by informing the URF secretariat about any changes.
  • Respond to campaigns from the URF (surveys, calls for action, alerts, etc.). Take an active part in the activities of the network.
  • URF Members with voting rights are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting.
  • Pay the yearly membership fee and inform the UR Forum in case of difficulties to pay on time.
  • To be present and vote at all Conventions.
  • To introduce visitors at the Annual Conventions of the UR Forum.
  • To promote scientific activities of the UR Forum, especially in their own section/chapters/units

Benefits of membership

UR Forum struggle to gather Academicians, Universities, Organizations, Societies, Institutions, Researchers, Scholars, Scientists, Doctors and Engineering professionals. On the global platform to promote new thoughts, ideas, and bright future for mankind and latest trends to make a promising.

All membership levels receive the following:
  • Subscriptions on all UR Forum Journals
  • Listing your name in the UR Forum Membership Directory
  • Special discounts on registrations to any of the annual Conferences curated by UR Forum.
  • A chance to Meet professionals from major research institutions and corporations, and network with peers and faculty through URF programs and Conferences
  • Access to Cutting-edge Research
  • Resources for identifying and developing career options in your areas of expertise
  • Discounts on registration to URF’s annual meeting. This gathering Plenary sessions, courses, Workshops, Networking opportunities, Commercial exhibits, Posters sessions and the best educational opportunities in broad areas.
  • UR Forum’s newsletter provides information about the association and the activities of our members, chapters, and Special Interest Groups.
  • UR Forum members will be given first preference to UR Forum’s awards, annual grants and fellowships
  • Online Free access to all Conference publications and associated networks of UR Forum through the internet or website.

  • Get special discounts on event registration fee (20% - 25%) for technical and Academic conferences organized by Associate Networks of UR Forum.
  • Empower your knowledge by attending all scientific seminars with the special types discounted fee on research topics and latest trends.
  • Get all Conference alerts notification about Technical conferences, IT conferences, Academic conferences and Management conferences in your inbox.
  • All Individual Members can avail the ID card and the Institutional Members can avail the Membership Certificate, which will be transferred after the 1-2 months of membership approval.
  • The association will invite you to Attend/Organize/Renew to be part of any Seminar, Conferences, any Medical or Workshop and Engineering research activities, etc.
  • Exchange of information from all UR Forum associate members
  • Regular mailings and conference alerts about URF Conferences and activities
  • Members can apply for our varied collection of grants and awards
  • Members can become involved with our various Committees, Career Groups and Special Interest Groups.
  • Members can always attend and vote the URF

  • Membership Categories

    We have several categories in Membership that satisfies each and every need of the user. We provide you some major facilities like access to World-Class researchers, Superior professional development opportunities and a close-knit community that shares a love of your Research, Meetings and Programs. Our membership categories include

    Free Membership


    Individual Membership


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    Corporate Membership


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    Lifetime Membership


    Student Membership


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    Group Membership

    Based on Size

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    Select a Plan

    Subscription runs for 12 months from date of sign up. If you are from a lower income country, a student, trainee, or emeritus, proof will be required before you can access your account.

    You can select more than one plan. Some plans cannot be joined. Select plan to see which other plans you can add to your selection.

    Membership Options



    As a Guest, you will receive access to the URF Community Dashboard

    URF Guests receive limited access to the record webinars, reports, podcasts, and presentations.

    URF Guests will receive updates from our programs, activities and annual events

    Everyone can avail of access to URF guests.

    Institutional Membership

    Now you can apply for Institutional Membership

    Individual logins to URF’s Member-only area of the website

    Registration Discounts for up to 10 employees to Conference

    you can find Organization logo and URF link on all websites

    Free advertisement of your events on the URF website and all other social media platforms

    Opportunity to request a URF Expert to speak at your event

    Nominate and vote for the URF Board

    Access all past URF Conference recordings and presentations

    Access to all of URF resources

    Reduced rates for URF Conferences and Specialist Certificates

    Receive a certificate of membership

    Scholarship opportunities

    Presentation of award at URF Conference

    Exclusive events and activities

    Group Membership

    Now you can apply for Group Membership

    Discounts on URF educational workshops and programs

    Become a supporter of high-quality Scientific Conference

    Access to special Member Only functions

    Leadership opportunities to sit on advisory committees

    Access all past URF Conference recordings and presentations

    Access to all of URF resources

    Discounted rates for URF Conferences and Specialist Certificates

    Receive a certificate of membership

    Plenty of Scholarship opportunities

    Presentation of award at URF's Conference

    Exclusive events and activities

    Student Membership

    Now you can apply for Student Membership

    Student Members will be given with an I.D. and Password

    Gain access to go through URF proceedings.

    Enjoy discounts on dozens of URF training events and conferences annually

    Take advantage of free monthly seminars, webinars, and numerous Virtual Conferences and Virtual Meetings each year

    As a First-year Young Professional member is FREE

    For Student members preferred pricing to local Roundtable events and annual conference

    Access to case studies, leading research and surveys

    Accessible to the member-only online directory – networking with hundreds/thousands of CSCMP members from around the world.

    Professional development including training and certification programs

    One year FREE of YP membership for recent student members

    Corporate Membership

    Apply now for Corporate Membership

    10 Member Representatives

    Company Profile in UR Forum pages and in individual events

    UR Forum Annual Conference Corp Lounge Privileges

    Company Logo on UR Forum Website

    Corporate Logo on Prominent URF Materials

    Single-Day Passes to Annual Conference Tech Papers

    Listing on the Corporate Members/Exhibitors page of the UR Forum website, with a hyperlink to the Corporate Member website.

    Ability to distribute literature at their booth or corporate poster

    Host a hospitality suite or Exhibit booth.
    Host a breakfast seminar.

    Sponsorship opportunities for the three smaller, focused topic meetings
    Logo Placement & Corporate Directory Listing

    Life-Time Membership

    Apply now for Life Time Membership

    Discount registration for up to 50employees to URF Conferences

    Organization logo and URF link on all URF websites

    Free advertisement of your events on the URF website and all other social media platforms

    Opportunity to request a URF Expert to speak at your event

    Nominate and vote for the URF Board

    Access all past URF Conference recordings and presentations

    Access to all of URF resources

    Reduced rates for URF Conferences and Specialist Certificates

    Receive a certificate of membership

    Scholarship opportunities

    Presentation of award at URF Conferences

    Exclusive events and activities

    UR Forum Code of Ethics for Membership

    URF Code of Ethics of Members


    Members uphold and advance the honor and dignity of the members' profession by
    • Using their skills and expertise for the enhancement of human welfare
    • Being honest and neutral, serving with fidelity the public, their employers, and clients
    • Attempting to increase the competence and prestige of the decomposition engineering profession

    The fundamental canons

    • Members shall hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public in the presentation of their professional duties
    • Members shall perform services only in the areas of their competence
    • Members shall act in professional manners for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees and shall avoid conflicts of interest
    • Members shall carry on their professional development throughout their careers and also shall provide opportunities for the executive development of those members under their supervision
    • Members shall build their executive reputation on the merit of their services, works and shall not compete unfairly with other people
    • Members shall issue public statements only in an objective and honest manner
    • Members shall not hostile injure the reputation, prospects, or profession of others, but this does not remove the moral obligation to expose unethical conduct
    • Members shall associate only with honest persons or corporations