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Ambassador Referral program

The URF Ambassador Referral program is meticulously designed to encourage participants to promulgate information about the esteemed URF conferences.

Who can make URF Powerful?

You make URF the most towering voice in scientific conferences in the world, because You know the value and intellectual verve of scientific conferences.
Be an Ambassador and earn FREE Registration!

  • Refer one new participant and you will receive 20% OFF on Registration.
  • Refer eight or more new participants, get free registration for URF 2021 conference + Accommodation will be FREE + best conference Ambassador award

New members must include the referring member's name on the registration application to receive the URF referral gifts.

How to Refer?

  • Send an Email to a friend or colleague
  • Use social media to promote the member benefits you receive from URF
  • Invite them to participate in the URF Referral Program
  • Send a link to the URF websites
  • Share an advocacy update (Share Your Story)
  • Publish an article in your workplace newsletter about URF
  • Make announcements in weekly/monthly staff meetings
  • Follow up to see if your contacts have any questions and encourage them to join
  • Get CREATIVE and spread the word!

Help spread the word about and invite your contemporaries to join URF!

Use URF promotional tool kit including Official Banners, Presentation Slides, Letter Heads, Adverts, Flyers, Brochures, Leaflets, Newsletter text and others.

We invite you to use promotional materials of URF within your network, on all social media platforms, and in lectures and meetings.

  • Kindly insert adverts in your journals and event programs, and post on notice boards in your Universities/Institutions/Organizations/colleges/schools and Hospitals.

  • Download and use banners on our websites to post on your website, event calendar, and as your e-mail signature.

  • Please use our congress slide templates in the appropriate format for your presentations at meetings and on screens at events between presentations

  • Copy and paste this short description of respective conference to include in your event calendar, websites and newsletters:

    Sample Newsletter text to invite your colleague:

    CONFERENCE NAME will be held in LOCATION on DATES, so start making your own plans to join us. We have received much positive and constructive feedback that our congress and scientific committees will take to heart while developing the program for this event.

    We assure you this is an event not to be missed and we invite you to save the Date!

    To stay updated on news, visit our website at USE CONFERENCE WEBSITE LINK HERE

    Note: The above text can be used to invite your colleague for reference or you can compose a short note for them.

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