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UR Forum cordially invites Researchers Scientist with professional experience and prowess to join the peer review committee. The scientific and Program committee will send you an invitation for peer review process. The task is to access the Abstract Submission & Management System (ASMS) as it aids to evaluate and review abstracts and manuscripts without any conflict of interests.

  • The stipulations in the ASMS must be complied by the Research Scientist.
  • Originality
  • Scope, structure
  • Title
  • Abstract/Introduction
  • Method
  • Facts, figures and tables
  • Result
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix

The Scientific Committee constitutes eminent and esteemed scientists from across the globe. Their valuable contribution shapes and defines the eminence and credibility of UR Forum Publications.

Eligibility Criteria

  • PhD from accredited academic institution
  • Having an extraordinary publication track record in peer-reviewed journals
  • The final decision is left to the discretion of the Conference Chair/ Scientific Committee Chair and the Organizing Committee
  • Please send us an email to [email protected] with the required documents

  • Reviewers Reap Benefits
    Please visit the Reviewer Application section to serve on the scientific Committee.

    • Eligible for special discounts on the registration fee (Conditions apply)
    • A window of Opportunity to gain exposure in a major International Conference and can be a plenary speaker in any UR Forum(conditions apply)
    • Receive a certificate of appreciation for the service rendered in the conference
    • A golden Opportunity to develop your career, to nominate your peer colleagues, to participate in peer review and decision making process and evaluate scientific papers of very high caliber in the different areas of research.
    • Competency and caliber required of reviewer to serve as a member of the scientific committee

    Specifications for Evaluations

    • Is the abstract original?
    • Is the abstract complying with all the stipulations mentioned above?
    • Is the result crystal clear?
    • Is the conclusion significant and reliable?
    • Are the suggestions/comments appropriate?
    • To keep any information provided by the editor or author confidentially.
    • To alert the committee about the conflict of Interest in any form.
    • To make a copy of the manuscript is forbidden
    • To appraise the standard of Manuscript and give consent for its publication in the conference proceedings.

    What documents I should prepare, if I want to become a Reviewer?

    • Copy of your educational qualification and degree : PhD etc. in these fields
    • Proof for your review experience in other Conference Proceedings or Journal in these fields;
    • Certificates for excellent English, if you are not English native speaking;
    • Your contact e-mail, phone, address details and a recent formal photo


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