CEO Message

Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to UNITED RESEARCH FORUM! I’m very glad to introduce myself as Dr. Vanga, Ph.D (Material Science) from JNT University, India. Worked as International Research Professor and Post doc at Yeunganm University, South Korea and Visiting Professor at Shanghai University, China. Company Name: United Research Forum Theme: Connect with Research World Registered address: in Shelton Street Covent Garden, London, UK @ companies house act (2006)

Mission and Vision

UR Forum thrives to achieve, sustain and foster unmatched excellence in providing a solid platform to budding Research Scholars, Academicians and Professionals across the globe to showcase their talents, skills and knowledge. It portends to provide the participants to get acquainted with the latest developments, insights and trends in knowledge and skills, to explore and expound and reach the pinnacle in their career. The success story of UR Forum comprises of the efforts and hard work of intellectuals representing from a variety of research backgrounds from across the globe.

CEO & Director|United Research Forum