Mr.Md Mashiur Rahman

Scientific Officer, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute

Scientific Officer, RARS, Krishi firm, Adjacent to the stadium, Jamalpur Sadar, Jamalpur, 2000, Bangladesh

Email: [email protected], Contact: 8801717094587


I am an energy engineer with an MSc in Engineering in Sustainable Energy at the Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, and a BSc in Agricultural Engineering at the Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh. I am currently working as a Scientific Officer and researcher at the Agricultural Engineering Division, Regional Agricultural Research Station, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Insitute, Jamalpur, 2000, Bangladesh. Currently, I am dealing with a project related to environmental sustainability, working on negative emission technologies in the agricultural production system through carbon sequestration in soil. My research experience has focused on bioenergy, thermal gasification, pyrolysis, biomass densification, agricultural engineering, and agricultural mechanization. My work aims are to produce clean energy and pellets in the biomass energy systems and thermochemical conversion process in a sustainable way for utilizing it to power and heat appl ications in a time of increasing population growth and a changing climate through the application of thermochemical and hydrothermal conversion processes within biomass and solid/organic wastes; where the society can transform in zero-emission energy production and use it in a more environmentally friendly direction.