Prof.Waleed Ghanim Thanoon

Prof.Waleed Ghanim Thanoon

University of Mosul, Iraq

Biography :

Professor Doctor specialized in physical education and sports sciences. I have over twenty-five years of experience teaching biomechanics, kinematics analysis, physiotherapy and water games and holds an international training certificate in Olympic swimming education and training. Extensive experience in the use of computers and mechanical kinematic analysis programs. Lecturer in several training workshops for teaching kinetic analysis accredited in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint, Director of Student Activities Department - University of Mosul 2017-2020, Member of the Higher Sports Advisory Board in Nineveh Governorate, Representative of Mosul University (2010 - 2013), Member of the Central Union For badminton, Nineveh branch for the period (2000-2003), member of the Association of Arab Academics for Physical Education and Sports Sciences and in the position of (Coordinator of the Office of the Secretary-General of the Association 2015), member and official of the scientific group in the sciences of physical education and sports, a public group on Facebook (2015) I have more than five Forty research published in local, Arab and international journals, participating in more than twenty-five local, Arab and international conferences, and more than twenty-seven local and international seminars and workshops.