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United Research Forum, UK is proud to host Global Summit on Psychology and Behavioral Science going to be held on November 25-26 | 2024 to bring together a unique and international mix of experts, scientists, researchers, and students to exchange and share their experiences and research outcomes on all elements of Psychology and Behavioral Science.

Psychology and Behavioral Science 2024 offers an unprecedented program with a great list of famous speakers, wide scope of exceptional sessions including Abstract publications in respected journals. Our Psychology and Behavioral Science 2024 is prestigious for its idea and forefront content, unmatched networking opportunities, and speaker-benevolent climate. We provide sharing and learning about the latest research on Psychology and Behavioral Science and other relevant Psychology and Behavioral Science. We warmly welcome you to join our Psychology and Behavioral Science 2024 Research to attend the conference and share the experiences and lessons with other enthusiasts, and develop opportunities for cooperation

Behavioral Science
Neuroscience And Neurology
Psychology And Mental Health
Peripheral Nervous System
Neuromuscular Disorders
Robotic Neurosurgery
Brain Structure And Function
Human Brain Mapping
Clinical And Counseling Psychology
Cognitive, Psychological
Behavioral Sciences
Computational Neuroscience
Health Psychology
Social Psychology
Clinical Psychology,
Behavioral And Cultural Factors
Organizational Psychology

Psychology Summit 2024, presented by United Research Forum, uses a dynamic approach to event management to provide a unique platform for each section of participants to share their research and experiences. This International Conference has several important characteristics that make it worthwhile for CPD accreditations to attend.

To kick off the event, invited noble laureates and industry experts will discuss their vast expertise and important scientific breakthroughs in a Keynote Forum.

Plenary Talks: Over 30 speakers from prominent institutions and healthcare companies share their research and address the audience on all aspects of the topic.

Panel Discussion: Intermittent conversations and exchange of opinions in a panel of 4–5 people on a shared topic related to the subject to bring attention to the issue.

Networking: The conference gives sufficient chances to meet, greet, and talk even during off-hours, with a diverse group of young researchers to Nobel laureates.

The psychology conference includes spaces open during the two days for product and service-oriented firms to present themselves and build brand recognition, in addition to the exposition of expertise.

Conference Scientific Committee

Dr. Maysar Sarieddine

Founder/ Director at The Inner Space, Lebanon

Dr Elvessa Narvasa

Provincial Director of Canadian

Dr.Navin Khan

Sports Nutritionist

Prof.Otilia Manta

Romanian Academy
Romanian American University.

Conference Speakers

Dr. Ulrich Wesemann

Royal Bahrain hospital

Dr. Gary Pheiffer

Heriot-Watt University, Dubai

Dr.Rumiko Okamoto

University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki

Dr. Maysar Sarieddine

Founder/ Director at The Inner Space, Lebanon