Melese Takele wossen

Melese Takele wossen

President, Professional Association for Emergency Surgical Officers of Ethiopia , Ethiopia

Biography :

Melese Takele wossen has been working as president of professional association for emergency surgical officers of Ethiopia (PAESOE) since March 2016. He owned his bachelor’s degree in public health officer from university of Gondar and master’s degree in integrated emergency general surgery and obstetrics/gynecology from Mekelle university in Feb. 2012. Melese has been certified /licensed emergency surgery professional specialist and since his graduation he has been engaged in providing emergency and essential surgical services to community at primary hospital. He is strong advocators of task sharing programs and believes it is the ideal solution for serious shortage of conventionally trained medical specialists in LMIC. He has attended so many high-level global conferences and shared the best experiences of task sharing program and the significant role of emergency surgical officers towards the reduction maternal death in Ethiopia. He is highly passionate in delivering surgical services to the underserved community and he has also profound interest to be involved public health and clinical research activities.