Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Track 2

Applied Chemistry

Track 3

Physical Chemistry

Track 4

Quantum Chemistry

Track 5

Chemistry of Energy

Track 6


Track 7

Structural Chemistry

Track 8

Surface Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry

Track 9

Chemistry in Clinical Research

Track 10

Drug Design and Medicinal Chemistry

Track 11

Nutrition and Food chemistry

Track 12

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Track 13

Chemistry for sustainability

Track 14

Multidisciplinary chemistry

Track 15

Future Scope of Chemistry

Track 16

Chemical and Biological Defense

Track 17

Catalysis for Renewable Sources

Track 18

Bio Materials and Medicinal Chemistry

Track 19

Chemistry Education and Communication

Track 20

Analytical and bioanalytical Chemistry

Track 21

Nanoscience and Materials Chemistry

Track 22

Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Track 23

Chemical, Biomedical, and Biological engineering

Track 24

New Synthetic Methodologies in Organic Chemistry

Track 25

Photochemistry, Photobiology, and Electrochemistry

Track 26

Computational chemistry and Industrial chemistry

Track 27

Chemical Biology

Track 28

Analytical chemistry