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Hello Everyone!!

United Research Forum pleasure in inviting you to the “International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering” which is slated during August  16-17, 2024, with the theme “Exploring Current Developments and Applications in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering”.

ICCCE - 2024 anticipates more than 50 participants around the globe with thought provoking Keynote lectures, Oral and Poster presentations. This is an excellent opportunity for the delegates from Universities and Institutes to interact with the world class Chemistry Researchers, Professors and Assistant Professors of Chemistry, Partners and Academicians related to Chemistry, Postgraduates and Graduates in Chemistry, Chemistry scholars, Chemistry scientists, Head of Chemistry Departments, Directors, CEO’S and Students.

URF invites leading research scientists, professors, students, and experts from both academia and industry to join us on August  16-17, 2024, for panel discussions, debates, presentations, and more…

Looking forward to see you on the screen all,

Best Regards
Chemistry and Chemical Conference Committee

Scientific Sessions and Tracks


  • Organic and Inorganic Chemistry                               Chemical Engineering and Technology
  • Astro Chemistry                                                                         Food Chemistry and Agricultural Chemistry                 
  • Medicinal and Clinical Chemistry                               Green Chemistry and Renewable Resources
  • Environmental Chemistry                                                Analytical and Surface Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry                                                                Catalysis and Chemical Engineering                                 
  • Material Chemistry                                                                 Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
  • Biochemistry                                                                               Natural Product and Biodiversity
  • Nano Chemistry                                                                         Applied Nanoscience and Nano Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry                                               Biotechnology and Food Sciences
  • Petro Chemistry                                                                         Chemistry Educational Research
  • Solid State Chemistry                                                             Computational Chemistry
  • Quantum Chemistry                                                               Radio and Nuclear Chemistry
  • Pure and Applied Chemistry                                  Marine and Geo Chemistry
  • Thermochemistry                                                        Electro Chemistry
  • Stereo Chemistry                                                        Photochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics                                                      Metallurgy
  • Chemometrics                                                            Forensic Chemistry


Conference Scientific Committee

Rainer Timm

Lund University

Dariusz Jacek Jakobczak

Koszalin University of Technology

Dr. Erica Edfort

Chamberlain University

Dr Yathrib Ajaj

German University of Technology

Keynote Speakers

Simeon D Stoyanov

Singapore Institute of Technology,

Carina B Maliakkal

Professor at Lund University

Hideyuki Kanematsu

National Institute of Technology

Seppo Sirkemaa

University of Turku

Poster Presentation

Dr. Yang-Wei Lin1

National Changhua University of Education