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United Research Forum, UK is proud to host a  International Conference on Recent Advances in Chemistry 2022 going to be held on December 08,09|2022 to bring together a unique and international mix of experts, scientists, researchers, and students to exchange and share their experiences and research outcomes on all elements of Chemistry.

 Recent Advances in Chemistry 2022 offers an unprecedented program with a great list of famous speakers, wide scope of exceptional sessions including Abstract publications in respected journals. Our Chemistry  is prestigious for its idea and forefront content, unmatched networking opportunities. We provide sharing and learning about the latest research on Chemistry and other relevant to Chemical engineering. We warmly welcome you to join our International Conference on Recent Advances in Chemistry 2022  to Research & attend the conference and share the experiences and lessons with other enthusiasts, and develop opportunities for cooperation.


Conference sessions may be organized towards participants with different levels of experience or different positions. Main conference sessions include the following tracks. Choose to follow one track or move between tracks to create your own personalized conference experience.

Medicinal Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Forensic & Clinical Chemistry

Biochemistry & Chemical Biology

Drug Discovery, Drug Design & Drug Development

Neuroscience and Neurochemistry

Organic & Bio-organic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry & Theoretical Chemistry

Mass Spectroscopy & Chromatography

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Nuclear Chemistry

Electro Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry

Environmental & Green Chemistry

Nanoscience & Material Chemistry

Food Chemistry & Agricultural Chemistry

Marine and Geo Chemistry

Oil and Petroleum Chemistry

Photochemistry and Natural Gas

Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing

Catalysis and Chemical Engineering

Petrochemistry and Natural Resources

Computational Chemistry

Flow Chemistry 



With a most dynamic approach in the event management, Chemistry Webinar 2022 organized by United Research Forum offer a customized platform for each segment of attendees to present their research and experience. This International Conference features some critical attributes to make it worth attending by CPD accreditations.

Plenary Talks: More than 20 speakers from top universities and healthcare firms present their research and address the attendees covering each and every aspect of the domain.

Panel Discussions: Intermittent discussions and sharing viewpoints in a panel of 4–5, on a common topic associated with the subject to highlight the concern.

Networking: Global gathering with a melange of young researchers to noble laureates, the conference provides ample opportunity to meet, greet and discuss even during off- hours.

Conference Scientific Committe


Faculty of Science and Technology, Hong Kong 999077, China


Faculty of Science and Technology, Hong Kong 999077, China.

Conference Speakers


Faculty of Science and Technology, Hong Kong 999077, China


Faculty of Science and Technology, Hong Kong 999077, China.

Dr David Pastor Escuredo

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid,

Beng Ergden

Gebze Technical University