Prof. James Hutson

Prof. James Hutson

Lindenwood University, USA

Biography :

Professor James Hutson holds the esteemed position of Lead XR Disruptor and Department Head of Art History and Visual Culture at Lindenwood University. His remarkable contributions include founding the Immersive Arts and Culture Hub and the XR and Gaming Lab, pivotal in fostering immersive experiences for all students, enhancing equitable education. He spearheads the AI initiative and AI Ambassadors, focusing on integrating AI across majors, preparing students for technological disruptions in education and everyday life. Dr. Hutson leads an international research team pioneering collaborative authorship models to tackle complex problems. As editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Emerging and Disruptive Innovation in Education (iJEDIE), he enriches interdisciplinary discourse. His extensive experience includes teaching over 120 online courses, developing award-winning online degree programs, and authoring over 100 academic works.