Dr. Rosario Moscato

Dr. Rosario Moscato

Live Tech Srl , Italy

Biography :

Rosario Moscato has a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering (Federico II University, Naples) as well as a second level master in Internet Software Design (CEFRIEL, Milan). He also has a Diploma in Apologetics (Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, Rome) and a first level master in Science and Faith (Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, Rome). Rosario has gained about 25 years of experience, always focusing his attention on the development and fine-tuning of the most innovative technologies in various international companies in Europe and Asia, covering various highly technical, commercial and business development roles. In recent years, his interest has focused exclusively on Artificial Intelligence and data science, pursuing, on one hand, the goal of enhancing and making every business extremely competitive by introducing and supporting machine and deep learning technologies and on the other hand, analyzing the ethical-philosophical implications deriving from the new scenarios that these disciplines open up. Rosario has authored two books and he is a speaker at international research centers and conferences as well as a trainer and technical/scientific consultant on the huge and changing world of AI.