Prof. Francesco Iarlori

Prof. Francesco Iarlori

Digital Transformation Strategist, Italy

Biography :

A visionary and facilitator who has been at the forefront of driving digital transformation in organizations since the 1990s, leveraging extensive technological expertise. With nearly 30 years of global experience in sales, strategic planning, and business development, spanning various industries including major players in the global information technology, finance, media, and mobile operator sectors. Constantly driven by a passion for learning and sharing knowledge, always willing to adapt and educate. A skilled organizer and team player, renowned for identifying and capitalizing on emerging business opportunities. Possesses in-depth knowledge of potential new products and services, both from a business and technological perspective. Excels as an empathetic storyteller, captivating audiences in keynote speeches and academic institutions, instilling a hunger for knowledge that resonates with the essence of our world and its continual improvement. A visionary who constantly seeks metaphors and paradigms, exploring the depths of our existence. Passionate about the practical applications of science in our everyday lives, with a keen interest in music, arts, painting, and various forms of human expression. Offers valuable advisory services to investors and multinational companies venturing into new geographic markets, including Europe, the USA, and Africa. Actively collaborates with the United Nations in efforts to uplift developing countries. Additionally, holds roles as an independent journalist, sought-after keynote speaker at international events, columnist, and esteemed university lecturer.