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Welcome to our GSENANO2024 conference site "Global Summit and Expo on Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology" will be organizing in IHG hotel in Deira, Crowne Plaza Dubai Deira, UAE during November 22-23, 2024.

Our aim to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas to drive forward the frontiers of Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology. Through engaging with keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions, poster sessions, and networking opportunities, attendees will have the chance to delve into the latest research findings, technological innovations, and emerging trends shaping the future of these dynamic disciplines.

We welcome submissions of abstracts for oral and poster presentations covering a wide range of topics within advanced materials science and nanotechnology. Share your research, insights, and expertise with the global scientific community.

We look forward to have you at GSENANO2024 in Dubai for an enriching and inspiring our participants!

Materials Science & Engineering Topics:

  • Material Science and Engineering; Nanotechnology and Nanoscience; Polymer Science and Technology; Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering; Biomedical Devices and Biomedical Engineering; Ceramic Coatings and Composite Materials; Optics and Photonics; Optics and Photonics; Smart and Emerging Materials;


Graphene Topics:

Growth and Production of Graphene and 2D Materials; Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene; Graphene and Biomaterials in the field of Healthcare; Graphite, Graphene & their Polymer Nano Compounds; Chemistry and Biology studies of Graphene; Nano carbon Materials in Energy; Semiconductor Materials and Nanostructures; Graphene and Ultrathin 2D Materials; Application of Carbon Nanotubes; Application of Graphene Technology; Graphene the Ultra-Capacitor; Emerging Trends in Graphene Experiment; Electrochemistry of diamond and Nano carbon materials; Artificial Graphite and Natural Graphene; Challenges and Opportunities in Graphene commercialization; Graphene and its Oxide; Graphene 3D printing; Graphene Nano in Energy and Storage.

Conference Scientific Committee

Orchidea Maria Lecian

Sapienza University of Rome

Rainer Timm

Lund University


Northumbria University

Randy Vander Wal

Penn State University

Plenary Speakers

Orchidea Maria Lecian

Sapienza University of Rome

Peter van den Engel

Delft University of Technology

Seppo Sirkemaa

University of Turku

Paulo Csar DE MORAIS

Catholic University of Brasília