Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Aquaculture and Fisheries

Track 2

Biotechnology Bioinformatics in Fisheries

Track 3

Aquaculture Engineering

Track 4

Integrated Aquaculture

Track 5

Fish Physiology and Biochemistry

Track 6

Aquatic Resources and Water Management

Track 7


Track 8

Sustainable Aquaculture

Track 9

Fisheries Science and Research

Track 10

Mariculture and Seaweed Culture

Track 11

Aquatic Pollution and Toxicology

Track 12

Benefits of Aquaculture

Track 13

Aquatic Ecology Biodiversity

Track 14

Biological-Physical Interactions

Track 15

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Track 16

Marine Biogeochemistry

Track 17

Marine Invertebrate Zoology

Track 18

Marine Optics

Track 19

Marine Policy

Track 20

Ocean Modeling and Prediction