Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Aquaculture and Fisheries

Track 2

Biotechnology Bioinformatics in Fisheries

Track 3

Aquaculture Engineering

Track 4

Integrated Aquaculture

Track 5

Fish Physiology and Biochemistry

Track 6

Aquatic Resources and Water Management

Track 7


Track 8

Sustainable Aquaculture

Track 9

Fisheries Science and Research

Track 10

Mariculture and Seaweed Culture

Track 11

Aquatic Pollution and Toxicology

Track 12

Benefits of Aquaculture

Track 13

Aquatic Ecology Biodiversity

Track 14

Biological-Physical Interactions

Track 15

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Track 16

Marine Biogeochemistry

Track 17

Marine Invertebrate Zoology

Track 18

Marine Optics

Track 19

Marine Policy

Track 20

Ocean Modeling and Prediction

Track 21

Disease in Aquaculture