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The URF Ambassador Referral program is meticulously designed to encourage participants to promulgate information about the esteemed URF conferences. You make URF the most towering voice in scientific conferences in the world, because you know the value and intellectual verve of scientific conferences.


Ready to sign up?

Anyone wanting to participate as an ambassador or newcomer can sign up using the form below. If you have any questions or would like additional information on the URF Ambassador Program, please contact us directly at [email protected] or reach us via mobile/whatsapp at +44-744-880-8243


Be an Ambassador and get your expenses covered by the organization!

Refer one (1) new participant and you receive 25% OFF and referee also receives 15% OFF on Registration fee.

Refer three (3) new participants and you receive 50% OFF and each referee receives 15% OFF on Registration fee.

Refer five (5) new participants and you receive free Registration and each referee receives 10% OFF on Registration fee.

Refer eight (8) new participants and you get free registration for conference + Accommodation will be FREE and each referee receives 5% OFF on Registration fee.

Refer ten (10) or more new participants; get free registration for conference + Free air tickets + Accommodation will be FREE + Best conference Ambassador Award and each referee receives 5% OFF on Registration fee.

Conference Ambassadors will aim to:

  • Promote the Conference to national and international networks of colleagues and create a stronger community to collaborate with your peers.
  • Develop relationships with affiliated groups or organisations/associations/sponsoring companies nationally or internationally.
  • Increase your network to become a leader in your workplace/academic institution.

How to Refer:

Send an Email to a friend or colleague and invite them to participate in the URF Referral Program. Make announcements in weekly/monthly staff meetings. Use some promotional materials to promote the conference within your network, on all social media platforms, and in lectures and meetings like Advert Inserts, conference banners, Presentation Slides and Newsletter Text. Insert these in your journals and event programs, and post on notice boards in your Universities/Institutions/Organizations/colleges/schools and Hospitals. Follow up to see if your contacts have any questions and encourage them to join.

Interested but don’t have the time to actively refer?

No problem, simply send an email at [email protected] with the following information: Name, email address & contact number and we will reach out to your contacts on your behalf.  The best part, you get all the credit!



Copy and paste this short description of GMASE23 to include in your event calendar, websites and newsletters:

Global Meet on Applied Science and Engineering (GMASE23) will be held on March 09 -10,2023, online event. So starts making your own plans to join us. We have received much positive and constructive feedback that our congress and scientific committees will take to heart while developing the program for GMASE23. Our goal is to provide an international forum where international scientists meet from the different fields of health care sectors to exchange ideas and information on current trends of research results and practical experiences.

They will be delivering a fast paced, high energy, value packed keynote that will show the attendees how to perform at a world-class level in health care. This conference will be participated by professionals from diverse fields like Applied Science and Engineering and other including health care and technology at one place.

To stay updated on GMASE23 news, visit our website at

We assure you this is an event not to be missed and we invite you to save the Date!

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