Dr. Alex Kazemi

Dr. Alex Kazemi

The Boeing Company, USA
Associate Tech Fellow Fiber Optic Architect, The Boeing Company

Biography :

Dr. Alex Kazemi a world recognized Micro Technologist, and materials scientist is the CEO and President of ARK International LLC is focusing on development of fiber optics, miniaturized fiber components, fiber optic sensors, and micro/nano technology of laser components for aviation, aerospace and space applications. He is developer of the lightest fiber optic cable in aviation history, World 1stfiber optic sensor for rocket engine, U.S. 1stfiber optic delivery system for micro welding oflaser chips, and leading-edge technologies. He is The Boeing Company Fiber Optic Architect, Associate Technical Fellow, and worked for 25 years for Boeing as well as 10 years for telecom, lasers, sensors, and MEMS industries. He also taught physics and materials science for several years at University of Southern California. Currently he is the Principal Consultant for development of new generation of fiber optics and sensors to the Boeing Company. He has authored/edited 8 books and one book chapter in the area of photonics, lasers, sensors, fiber optics, micro and nano technologies, plus published over 48 papers in International Journals and hundreds of presentations throughout of conferences and technical community's world-wide. In recent survey by "Research Gate" organization over 1000 of his peers reviewed his published papers. In 2018, 2019 and 2021 three separate International Awards were presented to him for the phenomenal presentation for his research on fiber optic sensor and lasers. He has been Chairman of SPIE International Conferences in Photonics Applications for Fiber Optic Sensors and Lasers for 8 years and Chairman, Chief Scientific Committee and Chief Editor of Excel Global International Conference on Lasers, Optics, Photonics, and Sensors in 2021.He has bestowed hundreds of recognitions, awards and patents.