Q: How do I register for the conference?
A: In order to register for the conference, please click here.

Q: Can I register on site?
A: Yes. Onsite registration is available during the conference days. Onsite fees will apply.

Q: What do my registration fees include?
A: For full detailed entitlements, please check the registration page.

Q: Will I receive a confirmation letter after I have finished registering?
A: Yes. A detailed confirmation letter and receipt will be sent to you by email as soon as payment is received, and registration is completed.

Q: Can Non-registered person attend the conference?
A: All event activities (including educational sessions, meal functions, exhibit hall, etc.) are exclusively reserved for registered attendees. Non-registered persons (including children, family members, colleagues, etc.) will not be permitted in any of the event areas. Badges provided at registration are required for entrance into all functions and will be strictly enforced.

Q: How can I access a receipt for my conference registration?
A: Conference attendees can print registration receipts from the website. Just log in at www.unitedresearchforum.org , and click the "My Account" button at the top of the screen, then click the "Manage My Account" link. Scroll down to the "Recent Orders" section to see all recent transactions. Each transaction can be printed from this page by clicking on the "View" button. A .pdf of your receipt will open in a new window which will permit you to download or print the document.

Q.Why is the conference registration fee higher if I do not stay in a conference hotel?
A: When URF negotiates a contract with a conference hotel, the association receives free meeting space in exchange for a guarantee that it will use a specific number of sleeping rooms. If attendees do not use the required number of sleeping rooms, then URF must pay the cost for these unused rooms, which could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, the more sleeping rooms that conference attendee’s use, the more attractive the URF conference becomes to a hotel, and the URF can negotiate even lower room rate

Q: If I have already registered for the conference but decide not to attend, can I get a refund?
A: Requests for refunds made by the posted dates will be granted, minus a cancellation fee. Visit our Cancellations Page for more information.

Q: Do I have to register my guest?
A: Yes. When you register for a meeting you will be asked to register any accompanying guests. All registered guests are welcome to attend meals and participate in informal afternoon activities. Guests are not permitted to attend technical or poster sessions.

Q: I have completed registration for my conference. When can I expect to receive a receipt?
A: Receipts are sent immediately upon registration. Please allow some time for electronic- delivery delays and check your spam and junk folders. If you have not received your receipt within two hours, please email to us

Q: Do I have to purchase a membership to register for the conference?
A: No, you are not required to purchase a membership prior to registering for the conference. However, please note that URF members receive significant discounts. For more details visit our Membership page

Q: What is non author?
A: Non authors are conference delegates who wish to participate in the conference as Listeners / Observers.

Q: What is author?
A: Authors are conference delegates who have submitted a manuscript whose paper have been accepted and will deliver an oral presentation of their research at the conference.

Invitation Letters and Visa Applications

Q: How do I apply for a visa?
A: Visa regulations depend on your nationality and country of origin. We suggest you contact your local consulate for full and official instructions on the specific visa regulations and application procedure that apply to you.

Q: Where can I get a Conference invitation letter so that I can apply for a visa?
A: Invitation letters for visa purposes are available only to registered participants. The option to issue an invitation letter is available within the registration process. At the end of the registration process, you will be able to generate an invitation letter, and you will also receive a confirmation email with a link to the invitation letter.

Hotels and Accommodation

Q: How can I find out information about hotels and their rates?
A: United Research Forum is offering participants specially reduced rates for various hotels around the conference venue.

Q: Will I receive a hotel confirmation?
A: Yes. A detailed confirmation will be sent to you by email as soon as the booking is confirmed and the payment is received.

Q: Can I book a hotel room without registering for the conference?
A: Yes. You can book your room without registering by clicking on the “Booking” button of your chosen hotel available on the website via the hotel accommodation page. If you need further assistance, please email the Hotel Accommodation Department.

Q: How can I book rooms for a group?
A: For group booking (10 rooms and more) please fill in the Group Bookings form available on the Accommodation page or contact us. Different payment and cancellation conditions apply.

Q: Can I cancel my hotel booking?
A: Cancellation deadlines apply for each booking request and depend, among other factors, on the service type, the travel supplier, dates of travel etc. For more information, please contact the Hotel Accommodation Department.

Q: How can I find a roommate?
A: URF provides a roommate forum so you can connect with other attendees who are in need of a roommate. Discounts are applicable in this regard.

Q: If I’m going to be sharing a room, how can we split the bill?
A: One of you will need to make the reservation, and roommates must be listed. When you check in, you can each give a credit card to the reception desk, and they will be able to split the bill accordingly

Q: Can you extend or shorten my stay?
A: For non-hotel venues, extended stays are not available. For hotel venues, you may contact the respective conference secretariat to make extended reservations. Prorated registration fees are not available if you leave the conference early. To ensure a successful meeting, we encourage all participants to stay the entire length of the conference.

CME-CPD Accreditation

Q: Is the conference CME/CPD accredited?
A: Once the Scientific Program has been finalized, an application for CME/CPD credits will be made. Further details will be published on the Congress website, CME/CPD Accreditation page as soon as they are available.

Q: How can I claim my CME/CPD credits after the Congress?
A: You may receive your CME/CPD certificate after completing an online evaluation and credit claiming procedure immediately following the Conference. Each delegate should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity. Further details will be available on the CME/CPD Accreditation page.


Q: If I submit an abstract do I have to attend the Meeting?
A: All accepted abstracts will be scheduled in the Scientific Program either as Oral or Poster presentation, E-Poster Presentation (with time to present) or E-Poster viewing (with no designated time to present). It is expected that at least one author of the abstract attends the Conference to present the work and answer questions. Only abstracts of registered participants will be scheduled in the Scientific Program.

Q: I have submitted an abstract, when will I know if it has been accepted?
A: Only after all abstracts have been reviewed and selected by the URF 2020 International Scientific Committee, notifications will be sent to the abstract submitters. Every effort is made to conclude this process by the planned dates published on the Conference website. Should there be any delays with the selection process, revised dates will be published here.

Q: How can I make changes to an abstract I have already submitted?
A: After you submit your abstract, you can re-enter the submission link at any time to view and edit your abstract until the deadline date. Submitted abstracts cannot be modified or corrected after the submission deadline. There is no option to save the abstract as draft and to submit it at a later stage. If you do not submit your abstract, the information will be deleted.

Q: I created a new account but did not receive my username?
A: Please note that the username is shown in the “Subject line” in the confirmation email received when setting up a new account.

Q: My abstract has been accepted but I do not have a copy. Are you able to send one to me?
A: Copies of your submitted abstracts can be sent to you by email. Please contact us via the contact us form on this website for further details.

Q. What are the types of submissions do you accept for oral presentation?
A: Please note that we consider full papers, extended abstract, and poster paper

Q: Where can I download the paper format?
A: Please click here to download the paper format.

Q: How to submit the paper / poster / panel?
A: Kindly submit the paper in accordance to the paper format through: http://unitedresearchforum.com

Q: Do I need to submit an abstract if I will present a poster?
A: No, please note that abstract submission is not mandatory prior to submitting a poster.


Q: Who reviews the papers?
A: Once the paper has been submitted, it will undergo blind review. The paper will be sent to the conference program committee / Panel of reviewers.

Q: How long is the review process / How will I know when will my paper be accepted?
A: Please note that there is no specific timeline for the acceptance / review comments. However, we will make efforts to get back to you in about 6-8 weeks from the date of your submission.

Q: How can I be a reviewer?
A: Please refer to the Becoming A Program Committee Member / Reviewer: if you would like to be a member of the UR Forum.


Q: If an applicant doesn’t win, can he/she reapply?
A: Yes, applicants who were not awarded in a particular year are able to reapply as long as they continue to be students. Each winning application is selected from the pool of applicants in a particular year so we encourage you to reapply.

Q: Do I have to be a member of URF to apply?
A: No, you can apply even without being a URF member.

Q: Will I receive a registration/submission confirmation?
A: Yes, all applicants will receive notice of when their applications have been received. If you do not receive your confirmation, please check your spam or junk folder. You may also contact technical support.

Q: Why is there an entry fee for Membership?
A: The entry fees help cover the costs associated with the administration and processing of the large number of entries received. Fees also contribute towards publicity, marketing, communications and other costs for the awards as well as to the awards event itself.

Q: Will I be told in advance if I have won an award?
A: No, this is revealed during the Awards ceremony.


Q: What is the length of the process?
A:Generally, the process will take approximately 6 – 9 months from the application receipt date. The application must be received, reviewed and awarded prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Q: How Do I apply for a Grant?
A: You can find information on how to apply on grant page. Members should login to apply, and if you belong to an eligible membership category, you will be able to proceed. Please note, each application is subject to further eligibility checks, for example to check you fulfill the minimum membership criteria. You will be able to save your progress when applying, but please ensure you submit the application before the deadline which is advertised on each page.

Q: Can I receive my funds in advance of the meeting or conference for which I have received a grant?
A: No, it is not possible to send the funds prior to the meeting. To verify that you have attended the meeting or conference for which you have received a award from UR Forum, the UR Forum Secretariat must receive your certificate of participation, which you may send at the time you submit your bank information to be reimbursed.

Q: Will the information I enter in my funding application remain confidential?
A: Personal data collected from our members are used exclusively for the needs of UR Forum. Access to these data is secured and limited to the UR Forum Fellowships Committee or their designees and the URF Secretariat. These data are not made available to any outside institution or any other third parties.

Q: May we re-apply for funding if our application has been declined?
A: You are welcome to re-apply if your application was declined, as long it was not declined due to not meeting our funding criteria. You will need to submit a new Request when re-applying.

Q: May we apply to other trusts for the same thing at the same time?
A: Yes, you may apply to other funding providers but this must be declared on your Request form in the space provided. Should you receive funding for the same purpose prior to our meeting date we must be advised immediately.

Q: I have applied for a support grant to attend a conference. However, I received an acceptance in a better conference. Can I use the awarded support of the first conference to attend the second one?
A: No, you cannot. Support is specific to the applicant delivering a specific paper at a specific conference. A change in any of these (presenter of the paper, the paper to be presented, or the event) would require a new application for support to a subsequent cycle.

Q: How do I know if my application has been accepted?
A: If the conference chair accepts your application, URF will immediately inform you via email. You can also check the status of your application at any time by following this link to your My URF account.

Q: Currently I am not an URF member. Am I eligible to receive the SPS grant?
A: Generally, the process will take approximately 30 days from the application receipt date. The application must be received, reviewed and awarded prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Q: I submitted a paper to one of URF Conferences but it wasn’t accepted by the conference. Am I eligible for a grant?
A: Unfortunately, no. Applicants must be authors of ACCEPTED papers. URF Grants are provided on a highly competitive basis to student authors and non-student authors in developing and non-developing countries. Higher priority will be given to eligible applicants from developing countries.

Q: I am a student in a university that isn’t in a developing country. Am I eligible to apply for an URF Grant?
A: As a URF student member, if you have a genuine need for travel support and satisfy the authorship requirement, you may apply. Higher priority will be given to eligible applicants from developing countries. Based on the fund availability and the pool of applications, the Grant Selection Committee will determine whether or not you will be selected to receive a grant, and if so, how much funds you will be awarded.

Q: My research group and/or institution can provide partial support for my travel. Can I apply for full support from the URF Grant program?
A: View a list of developing countries according to URF.
Having a genuine need for travel support is one of the key requirements. You should only request the amount that is necessary and only the amount that isn’t covered by other resources. The Travel Grant Selection Committee may grant a different amount from what you requested. You should work with your supervisor and institution/company to identify as much resources as possible to support your travel to the respective conference. Applications that demonstrate such effort may be considered favorably during the grant selection. Applicants who intentionally provide false or misleading information will be disqualified from the current and future URF grant offering.

Q: I was awarded a travel grant, but because of passport and other issues, I won't be able to come to the conference. A colleague of mine will present the paper on my behalf. Can you transfer the grant to him/her?
We are sorry that you are unable to attend the conference, but we generally do not transfer the grant to another person as you suggest. The selection committee takes multiple factors into account to make the selection from the pool of candidates. When a grant is declined, the fund goes back to the general pool, and the committee will determine the use of the fund (such as awarding to other applicants in this or a future conference).

Q: What DO the student grants cover?
A: Registration fees/Accommodation expenses/Travel expenses

Q: Who is eligible to apply for these grants?
A: All URF members are eligible and encouraged to apply. For eligibility criteria please click here

Other Queries

Q: How long is the oral presentation?
A: You can prepare a minimum of 15-minute presentation and the remaining minutes will be used for question and answer. There is no limit to for the PPT size. Generally, we receive 10- 15MB only. Unless there will be videos in the slides.

Q: Best paper and best student paper awards
A: Best Paper Awards and Best Student Paper Awards will be conferred at the conference (in order to qualify for the award, the paper must be presented at the conference). The winner must be present during the award ceremony to be eligible.

Q: What if my abstract is not accepted, can I still attend the conference?
A: Yes, you can attend as a delegate.

Q: I am the co-author of a paper can I present the work.
A: With the consent of the main author, co-author can present their work.

Q: Can you send me a invitation letter for my visa and leave application?
A: Individuals that require an official letter of invitation in order to obtain leave or visa to attend the meeting must first register for the meeting and then request a Letter of Invitation via email by writing to us at [email protected].

Q: Is there a guarantee on how many people will attend my speaking session?
A: UR Forum cannot guarantee attendance. However, the tentative program will be communicated to you before 1 month of the conference. If you want to recommend any speakers for your session you can write the recommendations to respective conference email id.