# Title of the Talks Page No Download
1 Acute acalculous cholecystitis on a COVID-19 patient a case report
Saverio latteri
5 Download
2 Caffeine Addiction and Determinants of Caffeine Consumption, among Health Care Providers in Saudi Arabia Descriptive Study
Samar Ahmed Amer
6 Download
3 Strategies for Digital Collective Preventive Medicine
David Pastor Escuredo
7 Download
4 Sunset Long Shadows Time, Crime, and Perception of Change
Pavel Jelnov
8 Download
5 The Impact of Family Bullying on Education and The Extent of Students Enrollment in Private Schools in Amman in The Light of Some Variables from The Perspective of The Teachers at These Schools
Ibrahim Ali Al-Baher
9 Download
6 Teaching Sociology in Higher Education
Sandro Serpa
10 Download
7 Targeted Nutraceuticals to Improve COVID Resilience by Improving Cardiometabolic, Immunological, and Inflammatory Health
Knut M Wittkowski
12 Download
8 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the education of medical students
Vasiliki Tsigkou
13 Download
9 Healthy students and healthy employees at the University of Malaga in Covid-19 times
José Manuel Núñez-Sánchez
15 Download
10 Understanding R0 in the Context of Covid-19
Shay Patel
16 Download