Maya D Lambreva

Maya D Lambreva

Institute for biological Systems, CNR, Monterotondo Stazione, Italy

Biography :

Maya Dimova Lambreva, permanent position as a Researcher at the Institute of Biological Systems, National Research Council of Italy. Dr. Lambreva has a PhD in Plant Physiology from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Since 2007 she has been working at the National Research Council of Italy. Her work is focused on the biophysical and biochemical aspects of the light photosynthetic reactions in microalgae and plants with the goal of developing bio-based applications employing photosynthetic organisms or photosynthetic elements. Dr. Lambreva has extensive expertise in different methods of chlorophyll fluorescence spectroscopy and in the quantification of photosynthetic activity. Currently, she is interested in using carbon-based nanomaterials for promoting the solar energy conversion in biohybrid systems based on photosynthetic specimens.