Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Renewable Energy and Applications

    1. Wind Energy
    2. Geothermal Energy
    3. Solar Energy
    4. Hydro and Tidal Energy
    5. Thermal Energy
    6. Applications in Agriculture
    7. Innovations in Renewable Energy
    8. Energy Materials
    9. Energy Transformation Applications
    10. Renewable Energy Research and Applications
    11. Energy Conversion, Management and Transmission
    12. Energy Efficiency

Track 2

Renewable Energy Resources

    1. Renewable Energy and Development
    2. Wind Energy Resource
    3. Geothermal
    4. Solar
    5. Hydro and Tidal
    6. Ocean Energy
    7. Heat and Thermal
    8. Biomass
    9. All Alternative Energy Resources

Track 3

Nano and Graphene Technology Applications to Renewable Energy

    1. New Materials for Energy
    2. Smart Materials
    3. Sustainability and Effectiveness of New Materials
    4. Materials and Nanotechnology for Renewable Energy Systems
    5. Nanotechnology for Environmental Applications
    6. Nano Energy System
    7. Graphene Battery for Renewable Energy
    8. Future of Renewable Energy with NanoTech

Track 4

Renewable Energy Systems in Smart Cities

    1. Mobile Architectures and Collaborative Networks for Smart Cities
    2. Energy-Efficient Transmission Technologies
    3. Intelligent Energy Monitoring
    4. Optimal Renewable Energy Systems for Smart Cities

Track 5

Public Awareness and Education for Renewable Energy and Systems

    1. Public Awareness and Education for Renewable Energy
    2. Renewable Energy Systems and Technologies Education
    3. Renewable Energy Assessment of public awareness
    4. Renewable Energy Assessment of Public Awareness

Track 6

Challenges, Barriers and Opportunities

    1. Future Challenges and Directions for Renewable Energy
    2. Energy Cooperation Opportunities
    3. Economic and Financial Barriers
    4. Geographical and Ecological Challenges

Track 7

Sustainable Energy

    1. Sustainable Energy and Environment
    2. Agricultural Sustainability
    3. Sustainability in Process Industries
    4. Zero Energy Building
    5. Sustainable Energy Policies

Track 8

Green Energy

    1. Green Infrastructures
    2. Green Manufacturing
    3. Green Building Materials and Energy Saving Buildings
    4. Green Vehicles
    5. Green Power Production and Cogeneration
    6. Green Energy Systems
    7. Green Economy
    8. Green Nanotechnology
    9. Green Chemistry

Track 9

Clean Energy

    1. Energy Security and Clean Use
    2. Clean and Renewable Energy
    3. New Energy Applications
    4. Energy-Saving Applications and Technology
    5. Clean Energy Technologies
    6. Clean Fuel and Energy Production
    7. Materials For Clean Energy Generation

Track 10

Biofuels and Bioenergy

    1. Development and Utilization of Biomass Energy
    2. Biofuels
    3. Biofuels Generation from Waste Treatment
    4. Bioremediation
    5. Bio-Electricity
    6. Bio-Hydrogen and Bio-Ethanol
    7. Bio-Gas
    8. Biomass Valorization

Track 11

Environmental Science and Impacts

    1. Safety for All
    2. Environmental Monitoring and Management
    3. Global Environmental Change and Ecosystems Management
    4. Environmental Restoration and Ecological Engineering
    5. Satellite Applications in the Environment
    6. Monitoring and Analysis of Environmental Contaminant
    7. Environmental Education Programs
    8. Environmental Risk Assessments and Safety Regulations
    9. Nanotechnology Impacts on Environment
    10. Environmental Impact Assessment
    11. Environmental Laws and Regulations
    12. Environmentally Friendly Materials
    13. Renewable Energy Resources and Environmental Security
    14. Environmental Chemistry Engineering

Track 12

Ecology Biodiversity Conservation

    1. Electrical Vehicles and Components
    2. Renewable Energy Utilizations
    3. Ecosystem Management and Sustainable Development
    4. Integrated Ecosystems Management
    5. Ecological Engineering
    6. Habitat Reconstruction
    7. EcoTechnology
    8. Low-Carbon Transportation Alternatives
    9. Wide Area Protection
    10. Natural Resources Management
    11. Low Carbon Energy Sources
    12. CO2 Capture, Storage and Utilization

Track 13

Climate Change and Global Warming

    1. Climate change and Sea Level Rise
    2. Steps to Reduce Global Warming with Renewables
    3. Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
    4. Climate Change and Climatology
    5. Causes and Effects of Climate Change
    6. Earth Science and Climate Change Policies
    7. Regenerative Agriculture to Reverse Climate Change
    8. Greenhouse Gases

Track 14

Advanced Energy Technologies

    1. Storage Technology
    2. Remote Area Power Supply
    3. Power System Technology
    4. New Trends and Technologies
    5. Power Devices and Driving Circuits
    6. Grid Interactive Systems and Control Techniques
    7. Energy-Saving Technology
    8. Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
    9. Energy Equipment

Track 15

Advanced Control and Monitoring Systems

    1. Energy Management and Audit
    2. Energy Efficient Systems
    3. Novel Energy Conversion Studies
    4. Performance Analysis
    5. Advanced Computational Methods
    6. Decision Support Systems
    7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    8. Reliability and Maintenance

Track 16

Technical and Regulatory Aspects of Energy Trading

    1. Electricity Markets
    2. Energy Trading Compliance Programs
    3. Regulatory Requirements for Energy Trading
    4. Interface between Regulation and Trade
    5. Next Generation Energy Trading

Track 17

Modelling, Simulation and Forecasting of Energy and Carbon Markets

    1. Assessment, Forecasting, Planning and Markets for Energy Systems
    2. Carbon Management
    3. Carbon Pricing and Low-Carbon Energy Policy
    4. Market Design
    5. Energy System Modelling
    6. Modern Artificial Intelligence Applications in Power and Energy Systems
    7. Market Trends and Barriers

Track 18

Energy Policy, Economics, Planning Regulation

    1. Energy Policies and Economics
    2. Policies and Strategies
    3. Economic and Policy Framework
    4. Policy and Strategy for Financing
    5. Worldwide Energy Storage Case Studies

Track 19

Waste Management, Recycling and Pollution Control

    1. Waste Management and Recycling
    2. Solid Waste Pollution Control and Resource Utilization
    3. Atmospheric Science and Air Pollution Control
    4. Water Resources Management and Water Pollution Control
    5. Technical Aspects of Treatment and Disposal Methods of Wastes
    6. Pollution Control Technologies
    7. E-Waste Recycling and Management
    8. Thermal Waste Recovery
    9. Recycling Market