Scientific Sessions

Track 1

COVID-19 Public Health Challenges

Track 2

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Track 3

Environmental Health

Track 4

Community Health

Track 5

Behavioral Health

Track 6

Health Economics

Track 7

Mental Health

Track 8

Occupational Safety

Track 9

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Track 10

Management of Health Services

Track 11

Public Health and Healthcare

Track 12

Health Informatics Public Health

Track 13

Climate Change Issues Global Public Health

Track 14

Global Immigration Public Health Challenges Issues

Track 15

Women and Child Health

Track 16

Healthcare Epidemiology and Infection

Track 17

Changing Population and Society Public Health

Track 18

Nutrition and Food Safety

Track 19

Multidisciplinary Approaches in Global Public Health

Track 20

Health Research Education

Track 21

Veterinary Public Health

Track 22

Nursing and Healthcare

Track 23

Healthcare and Family Medicine

Track 24

Cardiology and Healthcare

Track 25

Healthcare and Dentistry

Track 26

Alternative and Preventive Medicines

Track 27

Global health and the Sustainable Development Goals

Track 28

Healthcare, Services and Technologies

Track 29

Healthcare and Medical Informatics

Track 30

Healthcare and Sociology

Track 31

Healthcare and Audiology

Track 32

Preventive Medicine and Sport Medicine