Dr. Nabhit Kapur

Dr. Nabhit Kapur

Head of Department (Health) , World Fund for Development and Planning, Founder Peacfulmind foundation, India

Biography :

A global advocate and relentless crusader of promoting mental health, Nabhit Kapur, from India, envisage a world free of mental health stigmas and taboos. Through his exemplary work, indefatigable spirit and passionate endeavours he has been able to bring impactful transformative changes in several parts of the world including the African continent and the Middle East. A Psycho Preneur, author, TEDx speaker and globally decorated ambassador of mental health and peace with numerous recognitions globally. Kapur, is perhaps the youngest psychologist in the contemporary world, and only one from India, leading this remarkable movement to make mental health a household name. Acclaimed as one of the world’s most influential psychologist by the FAAVMCanada (a counterpart of Canadian government), Kapur is the founder President of Peacful Mind Foundation (PMF). Based in New Delhi, Peacful Mind Foundation (PMF) is a global organization registered with the United Nations (U.N.) Global Compact. The foundation is present in many countries across the world. Though not many people are listening and understanding the true meaning of mental wellbeing, the young crusader of mental health (as said by daily hunt news 25 April 2020) started many initiatives under the broad umbrella of PMF