Ali Hamad

Ali Hamad

Senior House Officer, Royal London Hospital, UK, UK

Biography :

My name is Ali Hamad, I am a 26 year-old doctor from Jordan. I graduated from the University of Jordan in June/2021 and I finished my internship year in July/2022. Following that, I moved to the UK and started my first NHS job at Scunthorpe General Hospital as a surgical SHO and currently I am a Trauma and Orthopaedics SHO at Bart’s NHS Trust in London. I am particularly interested in the surgical field and would like to pursue a career in surgery. I believe the best way to learn is to teach someone and so I have been participating in teaching programmes for medical students since med school. I am currently focused on taking the MRCS exams and building my portfolio to allow me to compete for a training number in the UK. Outside of medicine, I am a huge football fan and a player myself, I like to do different kinds of sports and I love travelling.