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1 Spirituality as Buffer to Stress from Domestic Violence
Maysar Sarieddine
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2 The Effect of Facial EMS Device on the Mental Health in Women A Pilot Study
Rumiko Okamoto
2 Download
3 The effectiveness of online vs face-to-face psychotherapy during the Covid-19 pandemic in the United Arab Emirates
Thoraiya Kanafai
3 Download
4 Perception of Personalities in Typefaces The Evidence from Turkish
Mercedes Sheen
4 Download
5 The role of relationships in perceptions of workplace dehumanisation
Gary Pheiffer
5 Download
6 Effects of Attachment Styles on the Psychological Health of Older Adults
Weli Hatif Mohammed
6 Download
7 Anxiety, Academic and Athletic Achievement The Prevalence of Anxiety Among Student Athletes in the Middle East
Khym Isaac De Barros
7 Download
8 Discerning Connections Between Anxiety and Attachment Patterns in Interpersonal Relationships Anxiety
Abeer Abbas
8 Download
9 The Prevalance of Anxiety Among University Students
Mareena Deeb
9 Download
10 The Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health
Luigi Janiri
10 Download
11 Mental trauma in women Emotional Distress
11 Download
12 Stress and Stress management in Psychologists
Nida Faslein
12 Download
13 The Prevalance of Anxiety Among University Students
Aribah Aslam
13 Download
14 The stigma of Childhood Mental Disorders
Ragiyya Abdullayeva
14 Download
15 FOMS Creation of a cognitive stimulation center based on physical activity and sports in Colombia
Javier Mauricio Suárez Hernández
15 Download
16 Stress in Schoolchildren
Javier Mauricio Suárez Hernández
16 Download
17 Depressive Symptoms Prevalence and Influencing Factors among Elderly Patients with Chronic Diseases
Peijia Zhang
17 Download
18 US Military Service Buffers Suicide Risk among Individuals with Disabilities
Rebecca K. Blais, PhD
18 Download
19 Aggression, Satisfaction, and Online Rant Engagement of College Students in General Santos City
Charmaine A. Seromines
19 Download
20 Distance learning on epidemic and pandemic outbreaks in Albania
Elida Mataj
20 Download