Florian Forelli

Florian Forelli

Orthosport Rehab Center, 16 rue de Paris, 95330 Domont, FRANCE, France

Biography :

Florian FORELLI is a physical therapist specializing in ACL disorders and trauma in athletes. He works at the Orthosport Rehab Center and the Clinic of Domont in France. Graduated in 2009, Florian FORELLI, quickly moved towards the world of sport. He undertook training in this field in order to acquire expertise and joined the staff of several clubs in football and rugby as well as the French Futsal team in 2011. Eager to do research and teaching, Florian FORELLI obtained his Master’degree in 2014. He continues his work on ACL injuries in a doctorate in education. He joined many schools of physical therapy and teaches in the fields of traumatology and rheumatology. He continues his university training in the field of physical preparation, movement analysis and clinical research. At the same time, he continued rehabilitation care and decided to specialize in ACL rehabilitation from 2017. That same year, he founded the Orthosport Rehab Center, a center specializing in the rehabilitation of sports pathologies with physical therapists specialized in their field. . At the same time, he created OthoLab and became co-director. It is a functional exploration, movement analysis and clinical research unit located at the Clinic of Domont. In this unit, Florian FORELLI assesses 250 patients who have ACL surgery each year through robotic laximetry, isokinetics, postural analysis, gait and running analysis and functional tests. It also contributes to the development of clinical research in connection with surgical activity on pathologies and / or surgery of the lower limb. Thus, Florian FORELLI supervises, each year, research work related to ACL injuries and surgery. Thanks to this research and their publications, Florian FORELLI trains students and physical therapists on ACL injury rehabilitation and clinical research. Eager to want to improve further in sports pathologies. Florian FORELLI carried out training with FIFA, the IOC and the University of Barça