Dr Elvessa Narvasa

Dr Elvessa Narvasa

Provincial Director of Canadian, Canada

Biography :

Elvessa Narvasa has completed Master of Science in Nursing from Montreal University, Canada. PH. D. She is the Provincial Director of Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses. Served as Co- President of Quality Assurance; Team Leader for Hospital Accreditation, Founder of ICU Intermediary care. She had been selected to write the exam for Cardiovascular Certification by the Canadian Nurses Association. Furthermore, she does both in-service as well as invited nurse educator of different hospitals ICUCCU; PACU/OR and Consultant of College Nursing Faculty. Organizing committee executive of International Society of Pituitary Surgeons; Multidisciplinary Perioperative Medicine, Montreal University. Invited speaker of Quebec Intensive Care Association as well as 2018 -2019 Keynote speaker; Honourable Chief Guest of different International and World Nursing Conferences; 2019 International RFCCN. SAARC, Critical Care Society. Moreover, speaker of different International Virtual Conference 2020.