Cesar Augusto Correia de Sequeira

Cesar Augusto Correia de Sequeira

University of Lisbon, Portugal
Professor, Materials Electrochemistry Group MEG-IST, University of Lisbon

Biography :

César Augusto Correia de Sequeira was born in Peso da Régua, Portugal, in 1943. On graduation in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon in 1968 (7-year course) he was invited to join the staff of Instituto Superior Técnico as a Lecturer (“assistance”). One year later he was invited to serve as Reader (“Regente”) of Electrochemistry, Electrometallurgy, and Electrothermy (one year course), for the 6th year students of chemical and electrotechnical engineering. In 1971 he started high-temperature chemistry research in the Nuffield Research Group at Imperial College, obtaining a DIC (Diploma of Imperial College) in 1972 and a PhD from London University in October 1974. In the same year, he returned to Lisbon and joined the University teaching staff, where he has been teaching and supervising research (at undergraduate, MSc, and PhD levels) for more than 50 years. In 1976, jointly with the Dean of the University of Lisbon, he established the CECUL (Centre of Electrochemistry and Kinetics of the University of Lisbon). He spent one year (1982) with the Materials Development Division of the Atomic Research Establishment (Harwell, U.K.), where he performed a fruitful research work on the development of all solid-state polymer-based lithium cells.. He was also an Invited Professor at the University of Utah, UMIST (UK), Univ. of Reading (UK), Univ. of Iserlohn (Germany), and Univ. of Arizona (USA). He has directed several international projects on electrochemistry which were financed by the European Union. He is the author/co-author of over 650 technical publications. He is a member of several renowned international societies, being a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining, IOM3, U.K., a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (U.K.), and an Emeritus Member of the Electrochemical Society (U.S.A.). Recently, he continues au IST as retired professor, coordinating the Materials Electrochemistry Group (MEG-IST, University of Lisbon).