Andrea Di Giuliano

Andrea Di Giuliano

University of L’Aquila, Italy, Italy
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Biography :

Andrea Di Giuliano. 2013: M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (summa cum laude), University of L’Aquila; 2017: Co-Tutelle Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of L’Aquila, and Chemistry, University of Strasbourg. He is now an Assistant Professor and Lecturer at the University of L’Aquila, Italy. His subjects of interest include: (i) synthesis, characterization, experimental testing, and mathematical modeling of catalytic/sorbent materials (sorption-enhanced processes, syngas cleaning, biofuels syntheses); (ii) experiments and mathematical modelling of pyrolysis and gasification of biomasses, lignite, and solid wastes; (iii) fluid-dynamic characterization of granular solids for fluidized-bed reactors.