Dr Raafat Mandour

Dr Raafat Mandour

Mansoura University, Egypt

Biography :

Dr. Raafat Mandour is an Associate Consultant (Professor) of toxicology Emergency Hospital Faculty of Medicine - Mansoura University at Egypt. Raafa Completed PhD hydro-geochemistry 2004 (between Science, Medicine and pharmacy colleges), Mansoura University and previously completed MSc in Hydro-geochemistry 2001 (Between Science and Medicine colleges) at the same institution Toxicology and forensic chemistry diploma (1996), faculty of medicine - Applied chemistry diploma (1993), faculty of science - Specializes in toxicology & forensic chemistry, water pollution, in addition to medical Analysis - Published papers over 14 local paper and 11 in international publications Spoken at 70 local conferences and workshops and 17 international meetings - Currently member of eight international scientific societies