Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Renewable Energy Clean Coal Technology

Track 2

Energy Management Technology and Green Building

Track 3

Green Manufacturing, Zero Waste to Landfill and Recycle Technology

Track 4

Nuclear Energy Fission Fusion

Track 5

Sustainable Development and Education

Track 6

Materials Science and Materials Technology

Track 7

Ecosystem Restoration

Track 8

Ecosystems Management

Track 9

Energy and Environment Energy Policy, Planning Management

Track 10

Biofuels Biofuels Cells

Track 11

Solar Energy Photovoltaic Technology

Track 12

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Track 13

Environmental Technologies

Track 14

Ecosystem Assessment

Track 15

Life Cycle Analysis

Track 16

Environmental Education Human Ecology

Track 17

Novel Synthetic Methodologies towards Sustainability

Track 18

Environmentally improved routes and methods to important products

Track 19

Green Separation

Track 20

Green Chemistry for Safe Water

Track 21

Green Chemistry, Energy Issues and Climate Change

Track 22

Environment, Air Quality

Track 23

Energy Management, Policy, Economics and Sustainability

Track 24

Sustainable Cities, Architecture and Green Buildings

Track 25

Green Design, Products and Manufacturing Processes

Track 26

Smart Grid Smart City Smart Mobility

Track 27

Hydrogen Energy and Hydrogen Production