# Title of the Talks Page No Download
1 Katerina Lazarova
Optical polymer humidity sensors based on color detection – progress and future
4 Download
2 Thuraya Salim Al-Harthy
Importance of Fluorine in Benzazole Compounds
5 Download
3 Prof Lu Xiaoying
Development of composite separators with superior thermal characteristics for safety enhancement of LIBs
6 Download
4 Dr Chi-Wing TSANG
Synergistic function of nanocluster and single atom catalysts for exceptional performance in the hydrogen production from solid hydrogen storage materials
8 Download
5 Dr Mohammad F Bayan
Polymeric Based Pellets as Intelligent Drug Delivery Systems
11 Download
6 Dr Prashant
Life Cycle Energy and Economic Assessment (LCA) of Integrated Circuit
14 Download
Facile green route for the synthesis of hybrid silver/graphene nanomaterials and their potential application for the electrochemical detection of catcheol
12 Download
8 Ahmad Al-Mutairi
Treated waste water recharge. Application of Remote Sensing inputs in Kuwait geomorphic units
10 Download