Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Cancer Immunology

Track 2

Breast Cancer

Track 3

Cancer Surgery Biopsy for cancer

Track 4

Ovarian and Cervical Cancer

Track 5

Alternative Treatment and Cancer Therapy

Track 6

Clinical Oncology

Track 7

Cancer immunotherapy

Track 8

Pediatric Oncology

Track 9

Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery and Development

Track 10

Cancer Research and Autoimmune Disease

Track 11

Cancer Drugs and Vaccines

Track 12

Cancer Research and Autoimmune Diseases

Track 13

Cancer Diagnostics and Staging

Track 14

Precision Medicine and Immuno-Oncology

Track 15

Radiation Oncology

Track 16

Circulating Tumor Cell CTC

Track 17

Circulating Tumor Cell CTC

Track 18

Cancer Biomarkers

Track 19

Cell and Gene Therapy for Cancer

Track 20

Modern advancements in Oncology Diagnostics Technologies

Track 21

Cancer Biology and Drug Delivery

Track 22

Recent Research and Innovations in Oncology

Track 23

Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment