Prof Rosa Penalver Soler

Prof Rosa Penalver Soler

University of Murcia, Spain

Biography :

Rosa Penalver Soler is an assistant Lecture at the Department of Analytical Chemistry at University of Murcia. Rosa Penalver´s research focuses on the development and validation of analytical methods for the determination of emerging pollutants in different environmental samples and food. After her phD, she spent two years working on the Institute of Refence Materials and Measurements from the European Commission (JRC-IRMM) in Belgium. Before becoming a Lecture at University of Murcia, Rosa Penalver has been working for eight years in a global petrochemical company (SABIC) leading the Analytical Department in the Technology and Innovation area. Her professional experience allows her to get the expertise and knowledge in the area of characterization of polymers and microplastics. Rosa Penalver is the author of 22 publications journals of high impact indexes in the JRC (19 Q1 and 3 Q2). She has been involved (by poster or oral presentations) in a total of 22 National and International Conferences.