Recai Yilmaz

Recai Yilmaz

McGill University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Montreal, Quebec,, Canada

Biography :

Dr. Recai Yilmaz has completed his medical degree at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Turkey. He is pursuing a PhD degree at the Neurosurgical Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Learning Centre, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, at McGill University, Canada, under the supervision of Dr. Rolando Del Maestro. He has developed several intelligent systems for posthoc and real-time assessment of bimanual neurosurgical skills, detect surgical errors, and provide feedback. He and his team had two related patent applications. His current research interest is to compare these intelligent systems with human expert instruction in brain tumor surgery simulation training. He is involved in over 15 publications including two first-author publications in reputed journals.