Rachida Ouysse

Rachida Ouysse

University of New South Wales, Sydney , Australia

Biography :

Rachida Ouysse completed her PhD in Economics with a specialisation in Econometrics at Boston College in 2003. She holds a lecturer position at the Business School (Economics) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Prior to joining UNSW, she held several teaching and research appointments at Boston College and University of Montreal. She has also been visiting academics at the Risk Managment Institute in Singapore, Department of Economics in San Diego USA, and Department of Economics at University College Dublin, Ireland, European Center for Applied Research in Economics and Statistics (ECARES), the United Nations Univeristy (ONI-CRIS) in Belgium. Ouysse’s research training is on modelling, estimating and making correct statistical inference in big systems. Big-data presents technical challenges (hence curse of dimensionality) to the existing statistical tools that are used in economics and finance. Ouysse work falls in the new research that aims at turning the curse into a blessing. Ouysse’s work has been published in top tier field journals. Her contribution to the theoretical developments in econometrics has direct empirical implications.