Frederic Billiet

Frederic Billiet

IReMUS/SCAI/PHE Sorbonne University,, France

Biography :

Frédéric BILLIET is actually Professor of Medieval Music at Sorbonne University, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Art and Humanities and co-director of the Organology/Iconography program in the Institute of Researches in Musicology (IReMUS - https://www.iremus.cnrs.fr/). His major fields of research are the medieval musical iconography and the soundscapes of the Middle Ages. He is responsible for the research program on medieval musical iconography MUSICONIS "the representation of sound in the Middle Ages" supported by the ANR and by IReMUS (http://musiconis.huma-num.fr) and the SCAI Sorbonne University (https://scai.sorbonne-universite.fr/). He is currently engaged in the PHE program (http://pasthasears.dalembert.upmc.fr/doku.php/phe) with the acousticians of Sorbonne University.