Dr. Soroosh Shalileh

Dr. Soroosh Shalileh

HSE University, Russia

Biography :

Soroosh was born in Tehran, Iran. He got his BEng and MEng in Electronic Engineering from IAU, Iran, and his PhD in Computer Science from HSE U. Moscow, Russia. He then started his research career as a junior researcher at HSE U. Later, he was promoted to the research fellow position at the Center for Language and Brain and head of the Vision Modeling Laboratory (at HSE U.). Currently, he runs a team of about eight research associates inside HSE U.; and the team focuses on (i) applied AI projects in the field of psychology or neuro-linguistic, (ii) developing multi-model computation approaches, and (iii) going beyond the IID assumption. Soroosh has published more than 15 papers and chapters in peer-reviewed journals and conferences and has also been reviewing papers for journals like PLoS One, Entropy, Mathematics, SN Computer Science Etc.