Prof. Zhang Enqin

Prof. Zhang Enqin

Professor and Doctor in UK Academy of Chinese Medicine, London., UK

Biography :

Dean of the British College of Chinese Medicine, an internationally renowned scholar of Chinese medicine, a senior member of the Royal Society of Medicine and the British Society of Chinese Medicine, the vice president and secretary-general of the British Society of Chinese Medicine Practitioners, and an expert of the "Clinical Efficacy Evaluation Committee" of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. In 1972, Zhang Enqin studied traditional Chinese medicine at Shandong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 1979, he was admitted to Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a postgraduate major in typhoid fever, and his supervisor was Professor Li Keshao, a famous typhoid expert. In 1982, he graduated from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a master's degree in medicine. In 1992, he received a doctorate degree in alternative medicine (ie traditional medicine) from Professor ANTON JAYASURIYA, President of MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA INSTITUTE. After graduating in 1982, he stayed in the school to teach, and served as a lecturer in the Shanghan Teaching and Research Section of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, teaching Shanghan Theory to undergraduate classes; since 1985, he has been the director of the Advanced Study Department of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in charge of the advanced Chinese medicine classes, the Chinese Department of Western Studies, and the night university. and teaching work in correspondence universities. At the same time as teaching, he also studied under the clinical practice of Professor Lv Tongjie, the former director of the Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a famous Chinese medicine clinician. He insisted on practicing medicine in the internal medicine clinic of the affiliated hospital three days a week. Get it passed on. So far, he has studied medicine and practiced medicine for 48 years, and has rich clinical experience. He is especially good at treating typhoid fever (that is, infectious diseases in Western medicine, including new coronavirus infection), bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, pulmonary fibrosis, esophagitis, Gastritis, ulcer disease, IBS, Crohn's disease, cardiovascular disease, liver and gallbladder disease, anxiety, insomnia, hysteria, depression, inner ear vertigo, cervical spondylosis, osteomyelitis, arthritis, urogenital disease, gynecological disease, male infertility, Female infertility, as well as sinusitis, pharyngitis, otitis media, hair loss and skin diseases. Professor Zhang has published many works, and he once edited [Jingfang Research], published by Huanghe Publishing House in July 1989; the world's first set of [English-Chinese Practical Chinese Medicine Library] 14 volumes, published by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Press in April 1990; [ Chinese Traditional Medicine Series] (including Tibetan medicine and other minority medicine), Science Press published in 1994; new book [Treatise on Febrile Diseases Study Guide] English version, People’s Health Publishing House published in June 2012. His works have already spread to more than 80 countries and regions in the world, please check Google: Dr Enqin Zhang. In 1991, Zhang Enqin was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution" Award by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. In 1992, he went abroad to give lectures and practice medicine with the ideal of spreading Chinese medicine all over the world and seeking the health and longevity of people all over the world. He has successively served as a professor of the Medical College of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a chief physician of acupuncture and moxibustion at the Shamandra Medical Center in Turkey, a professor of the International School of Alternative Medicine, and an honorary professor of the Taiwan Taipei Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Visiting Professor of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc. He is currently the dean of the British College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He holds training courses in TCM acupuncture and massage, TCM prescriptions, TCM clinical science and TCM classics in London; cooperates with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to recruit and train master and doctoral students in TCM acupuncture and moxibustion. Professor Zhang has gone through hardships and made unremitting efforts to bring Chinese medicine to the world and benefit mankind, and has made great contributions. He founded the "British College of Traditional Chinese Medicine King's Cross Specialist Outpatient Clinic" in London, which not only provides practice places for students, but also provides treatment and health care for local patients. Dr. Zhang is proficient in Chinese, English, Turkish, etc. He is good at communicating with patients and treats patients like relatives. Therefore, there is an endless stream of people coming to seek medical treatment, all over the UK, Europe and the world. Among the patients were royal nobles, high-ranking officials and celebrities, and ordinary people. Professor Zhang treats all patients equally, diagnoses and treats meticulously, and has won the trust and praise of patients.