Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Current concepts in Plant Science

Track 2

Plant Science molecular Biology

Track 3

Plant Biotechnology Synthetic Biology

Track 4

Plant Tissue Culture

Track 5

Plant Biochemistry and Plant Physiology

Track 6

Plant Genetics and Epigenetics

Track 7

Agronomy and Agricultural Research

Track 8

Plant Metabolism and Regulation

Track 9

Plant Nanotechnology

Track 10

Biodiversity and Plant Ecology

Track 11

Photosynthesis and Natural Products

Track 12

Plant Breeding and Molecular Breeding

Track 13

Plant Nutrition and Soil Sciences

Track 14

Forest Science And Technology

Track 15

Photochemical Analysis

Track 16

Plant Anatomy Plant virus Diseases

Track 17

Antibiotic and Medicinal Plant

Track 18

Microbiology and Phycology

Track 19

Fertilizers and Pesticides

Track 20

Plant Genomics and Proteomics

Track 21

Plant Research and Environment

Track 22

Plant Proteins and Antigens Lence

Track 23

Plant Pathology and Mycology

Track 24

Plant Hormones and Plant Plastics

Track 25

Soil Science and Soil-Plant Nutrition

Track 26

Food Science and Food Security

Track 27

Plant Biology

Track 28

Plant Metabolic Engineering

Track 29

Sensing and Signalling in Plant Stress Response

Track 30

Soil Fertility and Crop Improvement