Scientific Sessions

Track 1

The Science of Patient Safety

Track 2

Advancing Patient Safety Through Systems Thinking and Design

Track 3

Identifying and Mitigating Patient Safety Risk

Track 4

Establishing a Patient Safety Culture

Track 5

Principles and Strategies for Patient and Family Engagement in Safety

Track 6

The Role of Health Information Technology in Patient Safety

Track 7

Fire Safety and Emergency Management

Track 8

Infection Control and Blood Borne Pathogens

Track 9

Reducing Medication Errors

Track 10

Preventing Occupational Exposure

Track 11

Epidemiology of Errors and Safety

Track 12

Safety Enhancing Technology

Track 13

Health Plan Compliance Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Track 14

Patient Safety

Track 15

Patient Rights

Track 16

Patient Education

Track 17

Emergency Management

Track 18

Vulnerable Populations

Track 19

Psychiatric patient safety during transitions in care

Track 20

Promoting quality patient care through physician competence

Track 21

Suicide risk

Track 22

Safety-enhancing technology

Track 23

Safety through systems-based care

Track 24

Maximizing time and resources in hospitals through AI

Track 25

Healthcare worker exposure management

Track 26

Telemedicine - upscaling of virtual care capacity

Track 27

Patient advocacy during public health emergencies

Track 28

Pandemic innovations

Track 29

Infection prevention toolkit for communicable disease exposure

Track 30

Managing a pandemic in resource-scarce hospitals

Track 31

Isolating patients Organizational, clinical and ethical issues

Track 32

New technologies in infections prevention and control Past, present, future

Track 33

Health Equity

Track 34

Infection Prevention and Control

Track 35

Pain Management

Track 36

Sentinel Event

Track 37

Suicide Prevention

Track 38

The Physical Environment

Track 39

Workplace Violence Prevention