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Dear Colleagues,

If there's anything that the pandemic has highlighted, it's that the importance of prioritising Patient Safety as a core responsibility across the entire system, is evident now more than ever. 

So we are coming with International Conference Hospital Management and Patient Safety Conference going to be held on December 1-2, 2021 which will be a key event for clinical and administrative professionals working to provide high-quality health care across the continuum. Featuring two days of education on the latest quality and patient safety issues paired with expert-led education sessions, this conference is a must for quality and patient safety hospital teams. In addition to informative sessions on the industry’s hottest topics, the event also provides peer-to-peer collaborative learning opportunities.

The event will provide an invaluable opportunity to address both new and long-standing patient safety challenges as well as opportunities for innovation and accelerated improvement, with speakers including national leaders, policy makers, frontline innovators, and patient advocates. Sessions at Congress and particularly the contribution of patient speakers has led to changes in medical textbooks and new research being commissioned. The programme is developed around our key principles of real solutions and challenging content - enabling you to take back ideas to achieve outstanding patient care and implement the Patient Safety Strategy.

Attending the Congress can literally change practice for you and your colleagues, by providing that invaluable space for you to re-connect with the standards and aspirations to constantly improve patient safety and quality during this difficult time.
Join with us live on December 1-2, 2021

Chairman,Patient Safety 2021.
United Research Forum