Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Nutrition and Food Science

Track 2

Nutrition and Health

Track 3

Industrial biotechnology in food industry

Track 4

Food science and technology

Track 5

Chemistry and biochemistry of nutrition

Track 6

Recent Innovation in Food Chemistry

Track 7

Food microbiology

Track 8

Food Toxicology

Track 9

Food Science Chemistry

Track 10

Food and drug analysis

Track 11

Food and Nutritional Toxicology

Track 12

Genetically Modified Organisms

Track 13

Food Nanotechnology

Track 14


Track 15

Diet in Obesity and Underweight

Track 16

Pediatrics Nutrition

Track 17

Probiotic Nutrition

Track 18

Nutrition and Cancer

Track 19

Livestock Nutrition

Track 20

Sports Nutrition

Track 21

Plant nutrition and Nutraceuticals

Track 22

Food Additives

Track 23

Chemical Composition of Food

Track 24

Organic and Natural Foods

Track 25

Food Industry and Health Hazards

Track 26

Food- Drug Interaction

Track 27

Food and bioprocessing engineering

Track 28

Food Analysis and Quality Control

Track 29

Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

Track 30

Food, Nutrition and Body weight

Track 31

Obesity and Heart disease

Track 32

Pediatric and Maternal Nutrition

Track 33

Obesity and Weight Management

Track 34

Food Chemistry