Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Fundamental science of Graphene and 2D materials beyond graphene

Track 2

Chemistry of 2D materials

Track 3

New 2D materials ,Topological Insulators, Perovskites, etc

Track 4

Topological and Exotic Physics in van Der Waals Heterostructures

Track 5

Van der Waals heterostructures

Track 6

Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Graphene and Other 2D Materials

Track 7

Graphene-based Nanocomposites

Track 8

Deposition and doping of Diamond, Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, etc

Track 9

Electrical, Optical, Thermal and Mechanical properties of 2D materials

Track 10

Spectroscopies and Microscopies of 2D Materials

Track 11

Theory and simulation of 2D Materials

Track 12

Quantum Transport, Magnetism, and Spintronics

Track 13

Electronics, Photonics, Optoelectronics, and Plasmonics

Track 14

Advances in hBN growth, Characterization and Device Integration

Track 15

Devices for Electronic Applications,, Flexible displays, High frequency devices, Sensors, etc

Track 16

Growth, synthesis techniques of Graphene and Integration methods

Track 17

Graphene and 2D materials for Energy Applications

Track 18

Graphene and 2D materials for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications

Track 19

Graphene and 2D materials for Aerospace and Defense Industries

Track 20

Graphene 3D Printing

Track 21

vation and Commercialization

Track 22

Water treatment and waste management

Track 23

Other Applications of Graphene and 2D Materials