Omar Al-Mukhtar University, Libya

Biography :

Dr. Idress Attitalla is currently working as a professor in the department of microbiology Omar Al-Mukhtar University, Libya. He received his Ph.D. in molecular evolution from Uppsala University, Sweden. He completed his MSc. in Biology (1998) from Uppsala University, Sweden and BSc. in Biology (1992) in Omar Al-Mukhtar University Al-Bayda, Libya. He is the director of Research and Studies at Agriculture Research Center (ARC) and Scientific Consultant, Libya, and director of departments of microbiology at Omar Al-Mukhtar University, Al-Bayda, Libya up to 2014. He guided undergraduate students for their research work. He has published more than 80 papers in reputed journals and one book in Arabic about Algae and one translated book about proteomics. He served as a member of various international and national organizations such as the British Society of Plant Pathology, UK, and Phytopathologia Mediterranea, Italy. He has participated in national and international conferences. He serves as an editorial board member of reputed journals.​

Research Interest :

  1. Prof. Idress Attitalla’s research interest is in Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Biosciences, Mycology and Bacteriology, Biomedical and Life Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, and Molecular Evolution.