Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Healthcare and Nutrition

Track 2

Food, Nutrition and Health

Track 3

Food Science and Technology

Track 4

Food Chemistry and Biochemistry

Track 5

Food Processing and Technology

Track 6

Agronomy and Agricultural Research

Track 7

Food Nanotechnology

Track 8

Food Toxicology

Track 9

Food Safety and Standards

Track 10

Food Analysis and Approaches

Track 11

Food Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Track 12

Food Substitution and Adulteration

Track 13

Food Security and Global Concerns

Track 14

Food Packaging and Preservation

Track 15

Food and Environmental Sciences

Track 16

Food and Resource Economics

Track 17

Beverage Technology

Track 18

Food Consumer Science

Track 19

Chemical Process Biological and Non-Biological

Track 20

Advanced Research and Trends In Food Sciences

Track 21

COVID-19 and Food Security Challenges

Track 22

Pediatric and Child Nutrition

Track 23

Food borne Diseases

Track 24

Medical Foods and Nutraceuticals

Track 25

Pregnancy and Pre pregnancy nutrition

Track 26

Diet and Nutrition

Track 27

Probiotics and Prebiotics food

Track 28

Sports Nutrition

Track 29


Track 30

Obesity and Malnutrition

Track 31

Food and Public Health

Track 32

Nutraceuticals and Nutrition Supplements