Scientific Sessions

Track 1

IT policy and Business Management

Track 2

Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

Track 3

Modeling and Simulation

Track 4

Multimedia Systems and Services

Track 5

Compiler Design

Track 6

Computer Education

Track 7

Information Technology Management

Track 8

Natural Language Processing

Track 9

Networking and Communications

Track 10

Operating Systems

Track 11

Parallel and Distributed Systems

Track 12

Performance Evaluation

Track 13

Programming Languages

Track 14

Security and Information Assurance

Track 15

Soft Computing AI, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, etc

Track 16

Software Engineering

Track 17

Theoretical Computer Science

Track 18

Web and Internet Computing

Track 19

Big Data

Track 20

Block chain

Track 21

Deep Learning

Track 22

Internet of Things

Track 23

Machine Learning and Applications

Track 24

Mobile Computing and its Applications

Track 25

Rover Mission Using JAVA Technology

Track 26

Pill Camera in Medicine

Track 27

Postulates of Human-Computer Interface

Track 28

Software Testing

Track 29

IT In Space

Track 30

Interconnection of Computer Networks

Track 31

Random Number Generators

Track 32

Hamming Cut Matching Algorithm

Track 33


Track 34

Smart Textiles

Track 35

Voice Morphing

Track 36

Wireless USB

Track 37

Zigbee technology

Track 38

Fog Computing

Track 39

Crypto Watermarking

Track 40

IP Address Spoofing